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JokerBoat is represented by three core principles: innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.

Innovation is key: innovation is what makes us great, innovation is revealing new series during a financial crisis as big as the one that hit global economies in 2008.

We strive for innovation, we seek it and apply it to every model, even the smallest ones. It can be in manufacturing process, in gadgets/accessories or any other aspect that characterises all our boats.

Further more we support and nurture customer satisfaction. This is achieved by offering new and well made products, with the finest materials, the most scrupulous checks on every aspect of the boat and through one of our core principles: personalisation.


We seek  to satisfy our clients and make our boats the best quality on the market. The formulae to our success is: quality = durability + customer satisfaction, all principals for what we stand for.

We strive for customer engagement by allowing full personalisation to any boat and we seek to improve any aspect of our job through feedback and comments.
Clients are able to pick and mix colours of: hull, deck, tubes, cushions, fenders, decoration etc. Further more other aspects of the boat such as: positioning of accessories, increasing of features (for examples litres in fuel or water tank), name or other aesthetical personalizations make us a viable choice to make your boat your own.



Our Mission is to continuously innovate to create new products, new features or modifications to already existing products, in order to satisfy all of our clients in all their needs.

Through the feedbacks we received amongst the years, we have created entirely new models upon request, maintaining prices low and quality to the top standards.

Our main mission is the client’s smile, our products personalisations rarely come with an extra charge. For example colours of fiberglass, tubes and cushions are completely free of charge and included in the price.

We seek to expand our knowledge by exploring new markets and grow the reach of the brand and make every JokerBoat a piece of qualitative art worth many lifetimes, with many clients, out, in any place with enough water to navigate.